Welcome to Laura Street's Therapy

Welcome to Laura Street's Therapy

Welcome to Laura Street's TherapyWelcome to Laura Street's Therapy
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About Laura

Counseling Promise

What I Provide

 I am a fully qualified person-centered Counsellor and Play Therapist.  I have a wealth of experience working with adults, children, adolescents, in a 1-1, couple and group capacity. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve positive change in their lives by working together to facilitate expression of thoughts and feelings when words may be difficult or sometimes seem impossible.


What I Provide

Counseling Promise

What I Provide

My focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of your inner strengths.   

In all sessions I provide a safe, supported environment where clients can express whatever they need to, confidentially and with no judgement.  Sessions are collaborative and available for as long as required to ensure positive outcomes. 


Counseling Promise

Counseling Promise

Counseling Promise

I promise to be there for you during your journey.   

Whether you are looking for therapeutic support, or just a space to talk and be heard, Laura Street’s Therapy will help you to achieve positive life affirming change.

What Approach?


Play Therapy

In our ever-busy modern world we never seem to have enough time to spend quality ‘play time’ with our children. Play is essential to the developmental and emotional growth of young people.  Through art, sand, music, storytelling, and toys children develop strategies to cope with their difficulties.  The skills used in play therapy also allow adolescents and adults to express themselves at a deeper level than the words they have to share.


The Person Centred Approach

As a person-centered therapist I believe we are all equal and through working together, we can explore whatever you may need.  I will provide you with unconditional positive regard, in a judgement free, confidential environment, supporting you through the process of change.


To Therapy Or Not To Therapy?

• Do you want a space where you can talk honestly and openly about your difficulties, without feeling judged? 

•Are your usual coping strategies not working? 

•Has an unwanted life changing experience caused you to question yourself, or those around you?  

•Is there something that has been holding you back, and now you feel ready to tackle that barrier? 

•Maybe nothing is wrong at all, yet you still feel unsettled and would like a professional to talk things through with. 

•Do you feel as if friends and family are too close? The issues are too intimate? You don't want lots of opinions, you want to work this out for yourself? 

•Have you tried to help yourself, but the problem is still there?  

•Have you noticed a change in your child, and you can't work out what's bothering them?  

•Has your child's behaviour changed and you want to be able to help them, but they won't share with you?  

There are many reasons to seek therapy. Contact me now to discuss how we can work together to bring about positive change for you or your loved one.

Contact Me laurastreetstherapy@gmail.com 07419 214178


One to One counselling session £45 

Play Therapy Sessions £45 

Parent child attachment play £55

Couples £55

Trainee and reduced rates available contact me to discuss. 

Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom

There is parking on the streets close by. Accessible via public transport. Accessible for people with a disability.


Contact me to discuss, daytime and evening appointments available.